Discover your financial personality...

Your financial personality has three dimensions:

Dependence: Homesteader or. Pioneer
Lifestyle: Spartan or Monarch
Risk-Taking: Gambler or Banker

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  You are about to take the newly revised version of the Love & Money Personality Scales (LAMPS). This test has gone through extensive revision and validation.  It now consists of 36 items, each rated on a 5-point scale, from "Strongly Disagree" to "Strongly Agree."  The test has been validated on a sample of hundreds of Internet visitors.  The test demonstrates excellent psychometric characteristics, including good validity and reliability statistics.

  This test has been designed primarily for people currently involved in a romantic relationship.  If you are not currently involved with anyone , you should think about your most recent romantic relationship when you answer the questions.

  When you click "SUBMIT" at the end of the test, you will receive a detailed report, describing your financial personality.  Your results will also be sent to a database so that I can use the data for further research efforts, and to further refine the test.  Please answer the test accurately so that the research results will be accurate.  Note that I ask for your initials and your partner's initials.  This will help me to match up your protocols in case your partner also decides to take the test.  Looking at money personalities for the two members of a couple will add an important dimension to my research.

  Note that, although the results of this test will provide interesting information, no test is perfect.  You should not use the results to make any important decisions.  If the results seem inaccurate, you should go with your own instinct.  Note also that this test was validated against an Internet sample, so the percentile scores probably do not accurately represent how you would compare to the general population.  If you have any questions about your results, feel free to e-mail me by clicking on CONTACT in the website's menu.

  Thank-you very much for your interest.  Click below to start the test.  By clicking, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed with the information above.

Note: In order to see your report, you need a browser which interprets Javascript.  Most current browsers do.


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