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Foreign language editions published in April 2004!
The China City Publishing House published a Simplified Chinese edition in mainland China
The Living Psychology Press published a Complex Chinese edition in Taiwan

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Featured on PBS-TV's MoneyTrack (Episode #106)

Appeared three times on Fox News LA -- most recently on December 2, 2011

December 2002.  Book is mentioned in 12/23/02 issue of Publisher's Weekly.  

January 2003. Book is mentioned in Orange County employee's newsletter, What's Up.    

February 18, 2003: Interview (the first one!) on KCRS 550 AM, Midland, Texas, 7:30-8:00 a.m.  CST. 

March-May 2003: "Six Reasons Couples Fight About Money": Article published in the on-line Self-Help Psychology Magazine. Since March, I've done interviews on the programs and for the magazines listed below.  

WSYR-AM Syracuse NY George Kilpatrick Show

KFKA-AM Fort Collins CO AM Colorado, Mid-Sized

WEOL-AM/Cleveland OH The Other Side of the Morning Drive, 50,000 watts

WZLX-FM Boston MA Common Ground, 50,000 watts

WZZX-AM Birmingham AL The Breakfast Club

KLIK-AM St. Louis MO with Daybreak, Mid-Sized

KOMA-AM Oklahoma City OK Carole Arnold Show, 50,000 watts

Financially Speaking, Boston, MA

WLNK FM Charlotte NC Matt and Ramona, 100,000 watts

KTSA-AM San Antonio TX Ricci Ware Show, 50,000 watts

WTAG-AM Worcester MA Money Talks.

WARM-AM Little Rock AR Neal & Sharon

WFYI-AM, Phoenix AZ Heidi and Heywood (Top Rated)

WAIT-AM/Chicago IL Morning Show

Cable Radio Network - CRN National National Cable Talk, National Syndicated

WXFB-FM/Baltimore MD Max & Miles In The Morning, 100,000 watts

WOBM-AM/Trenton NJ WOBM-AM Morning Show, Top Rated

KEEZ-FM/Minneapolis-Mankato MN Greg & Chad Show, 100,000 watts

WVIA-FM/Penn Public Radio WVIA News, NPR

WFHN FM Providence RI JR and Sharon

WHAM-AM/Buffalo NY WHAM in the Morning, 50,000 watts  

Shmuley Boteach Show, Talk America Radio Network

POWERNOMICS, Tom Pope Show, Syndicated.

IT'S YOUR MONEY.  Syndicated.

Business Sense/Power Lunch.  Syndicated.

WSBA-AM. York, PA. "A New You" with Dennis Edwards.

CFRA-AM 580 Ottawa, Canada.  Late Night Counsell

I Hate Debt, San Diego (Interviewed for three 1-hour shows). 

Goddess to Goddess, KCDU The Beach 101.7 FM (Monterey Bay), May 7, 2006.

April 5, 2003 at 1:30 pm: Book signing, California Psychological Association, San Jose, CA.

May 24, 2003 at 2:00 pm: Book signing, Borders Bookstore, Mission Viejo.  

Magazine & Newspaper Articles:

Woman's World, September 23, 2003, "More cash, a bigger nest egg and less money stress," by Alexandra Kay.
October 2003, [Interpreting your picture of a person], by Gabrielle Lichterman.
January 20, 2004, "Want to learn about yourself?  Just draw a tree," by Gabrielle Lichterman.

Today's Child, February 2004, Feature article by Elna Seabrooks.

International Herald Tribune, February 14, 2004.

Cosmopolitan, March 2004, "The Engaged Girl's Survival Guide," by Colleen Rush.

Orange County Register, September 5,2004, "Instant Money at a Price," by Jonathan Lansner, Your Money Section, Page 1.

New York Daily News, "Money Honeys" by Rebecca Louie, 11/04/2004.

Real Simple, November 2004, featured as an expert advisor.

Westways, November/December 2004 (S. CA Automobile Club publication, circ. 3 million), "Present Cents."

MSN.com. April 2005. "What your date's tax-filing style reveals," Craig Offman.

Money MagazineApril and September 2006 (by Kate Ashford).

Details Magazine.  September 2006 (by Kaylene Schaefer).

More Magazine. October 2006 (by Shira Boss).

Men's Heath, June 2007 (by Anya Kamenetz).

Ladies' Home Journal, GQ, 2007. 

Book History

March 2001.  Discussed ideas for a financial workbook with New Harbinger publisher, Dr. Matt McKay.

May 2001. Submitted proposal to New Harbinger.  Original title: Love, Money & Happiness: A Workbook for Couples.

July 2001.  Acquisitions Editor expressed interest and began negotiations  with marketing department.

September 12, 2001.  New Harbinger offered a book contract.

March 2002. New book title: When Money Comes Between You.

May 15, 2002.  Final manuscript submitted.

June 2002.  Publishers Group West (book distributor) recommends the new and final title: The Couple's Guide to Love & Money.

June 2002 - August 2002: Book goes through copy editing.

September 27, 2002.  Received galley proofs, made final revisions.

October 2002.  Front and back cover design completed. Book is listed on Amazon.com, ISBN#1572243112.