Part II: Money Growing Strategies
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Financial security and prosperity are possible for nearly all couples to attain. If you’ve been struggling with money up to now, this may be hard to believe. You may feel as if your own particular financial problems are too huge to deal with effectively. You may feel as if you can make it from day to day, but you’ll never really experience prosperity.

Part II of this book contains effective strategies for moving ahead financially. These strategies do require work and commitment, but they are effective and they will move you forward. If you completed Part I of this book, you’ve done a lot of the work already. You’re starting to change the way you think, and you’ve gotten rid of some of the problems and thought patterns that were holding you back.

Now you’re ready to start the exciting process of dreaming and planning for your future, and to start taking actions that will make real improvements, both in you day-to-day life, and in your relationship with your partner.